Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#MTBOSBlaugust Post #2 / Take 1: The Last Week of Summer Revisited

To recap: I set a few goals that I wanted to accomplish over the last week of summer break. It was an ambitious list!! So how did I do????

Things I Want to Do Before 8 August:
  • Finishing watching Daredevil (Season 2/Netflix).
  • Catch up on watching current seasons of Mr. Robot (USA),KillJoys (SyFy), and Vice Principals (HBO).
  • Get haircut - lots of split ends and a bit longer than I like.
  • Get to the beach - thinking maybe on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Return to my fitness routine (4 - 5 days minimum) - I can easily run a 5K but I need to be in better shape to run with my cross country athletes in a couple weeks. 
  • Update: Did do 2 days so I did do more than I have been doing. So partial progress.
  • Finish reading Craig Johnson's "Death Without Company" (Longmire #2) - loved the show but the books are far more entertaining!
  • Update: Almost done. I'm down to the last 50 pages. In my defense, I got this great other new book called "Mathematical Mindset" by Jo Boaler and have been consumed by trying to incorporate that mindset into my upcoming year. But more on that in my next post.
  • Sample a few more local restaurants - Cane (Jamaican cuisine), Taco Boy (Mexican), Callie's Hot Little Biscuits(Southern). At least I got to one!
  • Go to the South Carolina Aquarium (haven't been in a while)
  • Take a stroll through the renovated Gibbes Museum of Art
  • Organize all my notes from the workshops I attended at the High Schools That Work conference onto Google Slides so I can present during one of our PD days next week.
  • Begin to set the alarm to acclimate body to waking up on a schedule again.
  • Schedule a time to finish watching Concussion, Cardiac Arrest and Heat Illness videos prior to starting Cross Country practice.
In summary, I did okay. Not as good as I would have liked. The weather on Wednesday and Thursday was looking overcast and cooler than I like for the beach. The local destinations aren't going anywhere and always accessible. Actually the Gibbes Museum has an exhibition of Solomon Guggenheim Collection starting in late October that I do want to check out.
And I did do one thing that was not on the list: I took my daughter to see the "Suicide Squad" movie. Critics didn't seem too overwhelmed by it; but I thought it was good fantasy fun. The soundtrack is fantastic! All in all, I did enjoy my last week of being lazy and avoiding any 'real' work. 
TO BE CONTINUED....(cue apocalyptic music) 


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Mathematical Mindsets, but so far I haven't had much luck getting in the mood to read it. :)

    You accomplished a lot in the past 10 days! Go you!

    1. I wasn't sure on it at first; I've read lots of different books centered around different instructional approaches and most of the time end up not impressed or skeptical of the 'research.' However, I feel her book is worth the time. At a session I attended at the High School That Work conference, we worked the process. I'll have to see how well it works with my students (and I know it will take some time to change their way of thinking about math and I'm going to need to be patient), but I hope my students will be better at problem solving and collaboration as they tackle higher level math challenges.