Monday, August 1, 2016

Giving #MTBOSBlaugust a try!

Here's me...jumping into the 'professional' blogging waters

Not sure I will be posting every day since this is the last 'free' week I have before I head back. As usual, I'm not sure what classes I will actually be teaching. Last year I taught 6th Grade Honor Math, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra, and 7th Grade Math (Glencoe/Course2). 

When I checked in two weeks ago, I was told to prepare for at least two 6th grade classes (one regular Course 1 and one Honor Math) and the rest would be 7th grade Math Course 2. However, I was told that this was not set in stone and to be flexible for the first two weeks of school - just like last year. (*sigh*) So I could have a Pre-Algebra class or I might even get an 8th grade Algebra 1 group. But I will worry about that when I need to - which is not now. 

Things I Want to Do Before 8 August:
  • Finishing watching Daredevil (Season 2/Netflix).
  • Catch up on watching current seasons of Mr. Robot (USA), KillJoys (SyFy), and Vice Principals (HBO).
  • Get haircut - lots of split ends and a bit longer than I like.
  • Get to the beach - thinking maybe on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Return to my fitness routine (4 - 5 days minimum) - I can easily run a 5K but I need to be in better shape to run with my cross country athletes in a couple weeks. 
  • Finish reading Craig Johnson's "Death Without Company" (Longmire #2) - loved the show but the books are far more entertaining!
  • Sample a few more local restaurants - Cane (Jamaican cuisine), Taco Boy (Mexican), Callie's Hot Little Biscuits (Southern).
  • Go to the South Carolina Aquarium (haven't been in a while)
  • Take a stroll through the renovated Gibbes Museum of Art
  • Organize all my notes from the workshops I attended at the High Schools That Work conference onto Google Slides so I can present during one of our PD days next week.
  • Begin to set the alarm to acclimate body to waking up on a schedule again.
  • Schedule a time to finish watching Concussion, Cardiac Arrest and Heat Illness videos prior to starting Cross Country practice.
*whew* Didn't think it was a lot until I started putting it all down. Well, that's all for now. Not bad for a first #MTBOSBlaugust post :)


  1. So glad you decided to join in this month! Good luck on finishing up that to-do list (and thanks for the reminder to schedule a hair cut/color next week!) :)

  2. What's the update on your to-do list? How many of these did you accomplish this week? :)